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Added: 2022-08-16

<a> I think that not allowing the JVM to lock up a full machine might be an improvement.

Added: 2022-08-09

<pat> Agreed - in this context, ‘REST API’ often means 'you didn't invent something weird that's gonna take us weeks to figure out’.

Added: 2022-08-09

<Vaelatern> proof drijen didn't open the link
<drijen> haha, im a meetin
<phy1729> you should have been an email
<Vaelatern> he was, but someone didn't get it so scheduled a meeting

Added: 2022-08-05

<perro> welp
<perro> no more things to procatine on
<phy1729> You could setup aspell in your client.
<perro> tried that
<perro> it's shit
<perro> it gives you some wierd suiglies, doesn't stop you from saying werid stuff

Added: 2022-07-29

<m> pushing at 4PM on a friday lets gooooooooo
<a> Technically it's 1:55pm here.
<n> which means its almost 5 o'clock somewhere :think:

Added: 2022-06-10

-*- utterlyhopeless tried fish for all of 5 min
<utterlyhopeless> total garbage
<perro> you just have to cook it correctly

Added: 2022-06-06

<+phy1729> What console would y'all suggest for an 8 year old?
<maldridge> urxvt is nice, but gnome-terminal works slightly cleaner
<+phy1729> oh gaming console

Added: 2022-05-02

<phy1729> The first rule of machine learning fight club is never stop talking about machine learning fight club

Added: 2022-04-22

<maldridge> ah yeah see that's bordering dangerously close to having style, and I don't do that

Added: 2022-04-07

16:25 <gewt> the only non-slow storage i have for staging a risc-v os image is /dev/shm
16:25 <gewt> it will take hours if i am sourcing it from the sd card
16:25 <maldridge> ...
16:25 <maldridge> I know I do deliberately byzantine things with in-memory filesystems, but /dev/shm is a bit far even for me
16:26 <gewt> it was mounted as tmpfs and it has about 8G free. which should be what i need
16:26 <gewt> if that runs out of space, it's time for xzcat | dd
16:27 <maldridge> :o
16:27 <gewt> it did not run out of space

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