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Added: 2019-07-11
##slackware has become overrun with goats lately.

<phaeton> swim with the watergoats
<MLanden> play with the yard goats...that is,if you head to Hartford in Connecticut
<Skydroid> i'm going up the mountain today
<phaeton> There you will find the mountain goats
<Slumlord_> lol
<phaeton> and maybe the sky goats
<Slumlord_> good, stay up there
* Slumlord_ drives the van loaded with the goats by the river
<ewong> and not into it?
<Slumlord_> i thought about it
<Slumlord_> i cannot harm those goats
<MLanden> indeed...chivalry amongst chevals
<ewong> Goats wearing coats, eatings oats, afloat on a boat in a moat.
<MLanden> then Horton looks at Slumlord_ who hears a fuck you!!
<mmlj4> o/~ picture yourself on a goat on a river... o/~

Added: 2019-06-07
22:36 <xaltsc> Well, the machine did indeed explode
22:42 <maldridge> I recommend you not stand near exploding machines
22:43 <xaltsc> Such close-mindedness did not earn Marie Curie a Nobel.

Added: 2019-06-06
23:03 * q66 is an enlightenment developer
23:03 <q66> core team
23:03 <maldridge> do you use it
23:03 <q66> no
23:03 <maldridge> point

Added: 2019-06-02
<maldridge> tdh: you've replaced that power supply right?
<maldridge> you know, the one that will likely burst into flames at some point?
<phy1729> I mean, we will all burst into flames when the Sun expands and engulfs the Earth.
<derelict> I'll probably be dead
<maldridge> pretty sure a zfs scrub can recover that

Added: 2019-05-11
23:57 <Vaelatern> Pine's hardware is good because A) it's cheap
23:57 <Vaelatern> There is no B

Added: 2019-04-22
<m_wynn> This is not a major problem, as the frontend quietly discards most errors

Added: 2019-04-20
22:27 <Nilium> I'm not core, so I just do short bursts of contribution to make sure I'm annoying people and work doesn't drive me insane.
22:27 <maldridge> Nilium: how's that working?
22:27 <Nilium> Work's still driving me insane

Added: 2019-04-20
20:47 <zx2c4> decke[m]: i've resolved to just workaround this freebsd kernel disaster with a series of hacks

Added: 2019-04-19
12:31 <opal> the point is postfix actually follows unix philosophy lol

(opal has clearly never actually run postfix)

Added: 2019-04-17
< swaggboi> they pushed an update to my girlfriend's iphone... now instead of "4g" it says "5ge". I hope they downloaded more ram too
< Tadgy> Cool, now it'll be much quicker for her to send me her naked pics.

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