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Added: 2020-07-30
<maldridge> argonaut: I'm regretting trying to configure a VPC while sleep deprived and hungry
<+phy1729> pkill -STOP -u maldridge
<maldridge> I did
<maldridge> I went and took a nap instead
Mode +o phy1729 by ChanServ
phy1729 has kicked maldridge (Did I SIGCONT you?)
maldridge has joined
Mode +o maldridge by ChanServ
maldridge has kicked phy1729 (kernel thread)

Added: 2020-07-21
01:22 <drijen> you aiming for a developer answer or..
01:23 <maldridge> I'm aiming for I'm trapped in an initrd and I think its presently 1970

Added: 2020-07-14
<maldridge> I'd argue herding cats is easier, because you go into that assuming the cats to be adversarial

Added: 2020-06-28
<flyback> I had proper backups in the form of printouts
<rascul> flyback how does that work for binary data?
<flyback> it was irc and bbs logs
<rascul> oh
<flyback> contact info for friends online

Added: 2020-06-26
20:57 <lemmi> if zig had a stable language specification, i'd vote for a rewrite in zig. especially since this can be done incrementally. but for that zig needs to get to 1.0
21:04 <q66> i'd disagree on implementing in xbps in any language that's 1) not in gcc 2) doesn't have at least two stable implementations 3) isn't as portable as C/C++
21:04 <q66> so basically rust, zig etc. are all out and will always be
21:05 <maldridge> careful, that kind of logic supports a rewrite in Go

Added: 2020-06-26
<Greg> heeey chatbot
<Chatbot> We notified support about your presence in this room.
<Greg> chatbot, what is the meaning of life?
<Chatbot> We notified support about your presence in this room.
<Greg> if only someone could notify support about our presence in this room. Chatbot can you help with that?
<Chatbot> We notified support about your presence in this room.
<Greg> oh super thanks!
<Chatbot> We notified support about your presence in this room.

Added: 2020-06-25
18:26 <ericonr> aedinius: PR updated
18:28 <aedinius> Okay. Ready to merge?
18:29 <-- ericonr (~ericonr@xx.xx.xx.xx) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:29 <maldridge> well that was a statement

Added: 2020-05-22
22:45 <q66> making a new format is not the problem
22:45 <q66> i can probably write you one over the weekend
22:45 <q66> it's transitioning to it that is the problem
22:45 <ericonr> YAML templates
22:46 <-- ChanServ has kicked ericonr (Banned: no)
22:47 <aedinius> lmao
22:47 <q66> reasonable

Added: 2020-05-12
20:48 <aedinius> I should update it. Fix the licenses, update to SPDX, and then make a list of identified licenses and which are incompatible.
20:48 <zdykstra> I should shave my head again
20:49 <emacsomancer> zdykstra: is that licensed?
20:51 <zdykstra> I'm a rebel without a clause

Added: 2020-05-09
<maldridge> I want to do systems engineering, but the box of hard drives is over there --->
<+phy1729> Just use pingfs
<maldridge> can't
<maldridge> the switch is still in a box over here <----

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