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Added: 2023-09-24

Grub is an OS that boots an OS

Added: 2023-09-04

<Tadgy> I'm not the best perv, I'm the standard by which it's measured.

Added: 2023-08-15

<Olfway> 99 little bugs in my code, 99 little bugs. Take one down, patch it out
<Olfway> 138 little bugs in my code.

Added: 2023-08-11

<a> it's the trolley problem where you can easily divert the trolley and save 5 people, but you'll have to spend the next day frantically fixing build

Added: 2023-08-07

<Vaelatern> groovy is the first language to only have two characters in it
<Vaelatern> control-c and control-v

Added: 2023-08-04 #systemd broke my #slackware and it's not even installed

Added: 2023-07-27

<drijen> today in story time
<drijen> trying to configure a pair of 1100's via reverse telnert off a router
<drijen> tech has no idea about anything, trouble finding ports and equipment - uses a not rollover cable to do rollover etc
<drijen> two days im working on just getting from the router to the 1100 via reverse telnert
<drijen> vty configs, triple checking connections
<drijen> hours and hours of getting pissed off later
<drijen> tech says "oh hey man, should these 1100s have power?"
<+phy1729> .......
<+phy1729> seriously
<drijen> seriously.
<drijen> im having whiskey for lunch

Added: 2023-07-27

<Skywise> there could be inteligent squids on enceladus
<ndnihil> encephaladus
<lavadonut> or stupid squids
<Skywise> hehe
<Skywise> snufalupaencephaladus
<R2robot> please add this character, sesame street

Added: 2023-07-20

<JordiGH> > Be able to write clean + maintainable code with attention to performance and security, but also be able to ship quickly + scrappily when the occasion calls for it
<JordiGH> A gentleman in dev, but a rake in prod.

Added: 2023-06-21

[talking about a computer]
<drijen> a good retirement for it
<Vaelatern> yeah it'll likely end up being my backup nas actually
<drijen> downright "honoring" it at that point
<Vaelatern> take out the guts and mount it to a board in the house with a tiny smattering of RGB to look sexy
<drijen> haha
<drijen> like a 90's civic

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