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Added: 2020-12-31
14:41 <cisco87> cisco@monster ~/projects/devops $ sudo reboot
14:41 <cisco87> System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.
14:41 <cisco87> Failed to connect to bus: Host is down
14:41 <cisco87> lol can't even reboot

Added: 2020-12-18
23:09 <maldridge> do you order pizza with fruit on it
23:10 <aedinius> tomatoes are a fruit, so yes
23:10 <maldridge> you know what I'm asking
23:10 <aedinius> peppers are fruits, too
23:11 <maldridge> pretty sure you're guilty of crimes against pizza
23:11 <aedinius> My goto is olive and mushroom
23:11 <aedinius> or a supreme with like all the toppings
23:11 <maldridge> pineapple is a pizza toping or no
23:12 <aedinius> alright, so hear me out
23:12 -- Mode #xbps [+o maldridge] by ChanServ
23:12 <-- maldridge has kicked aedinius (nope, get out and take your disgusting fruit pizza with you)
23:13 --> aedinius (~aedinius@netauth/guru/aedinius) has joined #xbps
23:13 <aedinius> Help, help, I'm being repressed!

Added: 2020-12-10
<drijen> beat that guy with a cat o'5 tails

Added: 2020-11-17
<Vaelatern> anandtech's look at the A14/M1 was excellent
<Vaelatern> I'm slowly learning to identify die pictures without annotations
<ahesford> I can identify a picture of a die without annotations
<ahesford> identifying the components therein, not so much

Added: 2020-11-05
16:49 <maldridge> the fact that your dad jokes have reached the low effort level of being literally phoned in...
16:50 <trmg> I mean, the initial prep for the ability to to this was high I'd like to think.
16:50 <trmg> I had to pull cable and shit.

Added: 2020-11-05
15:16 <leah2> System.IO.IOException: No space left on device
15:16 <leah2> LOL
15:16 <leah2> the true void experience

Added: 2020-10-31
< Urchlay> C is like Latin, kind of. Many other languages are descended from it, or borrow from it. Except it's not dead like Latin is.
< wgreenhouse> Urchlay: if C is Latin, does that make kernel hackers catholic priests? :P
< Tadgy> wgreenhouse: I can't remember the last time I was mollested by a kernel developer :)

Added: 2020-10-28
In #gentoo-chat while talking about the banking system:
19:23 <joecool> instead of engaging in terrorism and child trafficking like most major banks are all about
19:23 <steeznson> joecool: I'm working in marketing right now so terrorism sounds like a step up

Added: 2020-10-25
<maldridge> if there is such a thing as cooked data, that data has been finely aged, sous vide'd, seasoned with imported spices, and then served by iron chef morimoto
<maldridge> and then thrown out and replaced with a burger from burger king

Added: 2020-10-13
<+phy1729> I mean I don't think my relationship with Cthulhu is secret.

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