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Added: 2022-04-07
16:25 <gewt> the only non-slow storage i have for staging a risc-v os image is /dev/shm
16:25 <gewt> it will take hours if i am sourcing it from the sd card
16:25 <maldridge> ...
16:25 <maldridge> I know I do deliberately byzantine things with in-memory filesystems, but /dev/shm is a bit far even for me
16:26 <gewt> it was mounted as tmpfs and it has about 8G free. which should be what i need
16:26 <gewt> if that runs out of space, it's time for xzcat | dd
16:27 <maldridge> :o
16:27 <gewt> it did not run out of space

Added: 2022-03-29
No intermittency should result, but this is a stability fix, so it’s a rush job.

Added: 2022-03-16
14:27 <gewt> oh no are you trying to do cursed tf stuff on m1
14:31 <maldridge> don't worry, the cursed stuff is cross platform

Added: 2022-03-04
<maldridge> you could do it all with base openbsd daemons and then use netauth to manage your accounts
<phy1729> The last yak took a bit over a month to shave
<maldridge> see the fun thing is that your path has ready made yak spots

Added: 2022-02-23
On other dual battery devices, strategy for charging and taking power from multiple batteries is likely handled by some embedded controller. On Pinephone, this is not handled by anything.

Added: 2022-01-12
<drijen> man log4j is eating $big_company tooling alive
<drijen> our netbrain instances run on elastisearch
<maldridge> you're surprised?
<drijen> no, but surprised they are moving so flipping slow
<maldridge> java is the COBOL of business

Added: 2021-12-16
<hodbogi> but I was wondering, has anyone used MooseFS?
<poprocks> the filesystem that only allows Canadian Content?

Added: 2021-11-30
<phy1729> How many route protocols are you running in your house?
<maldridge> 2?
<maldridge> I think
<phy1729> you aren't sure?
<maldridge> look
<maldridge> I type show route
<maldridge> and the routes are there
<maldridge> I don't ask further questions as to how

Added: 2021-11-23
for future reference I just took out the health checks and I get everything launching.

Added: 2021-10-27
<Vaelatern> Any of you actually used Ansible Tower in anger?
<perro> sounds like jenga

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