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Added: 2021-02-17
mid 2000 screenshots are as embarrassing as photos of oneself naked.
thank god that style is preserved in the default win10 desktop background.
proudly sharing screenshots and small videos of your wobbly windows.

Added: 2021-01-26
15:22 <Vaelatern> has a big button "We're synced with github". When you click it, you get here: which says "Git Updates -- There has been a critical error on your website."
15:22 <coldbot> Error: certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate
15:22 <coldbot> Error: certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate

Added: 2021-01-26
-*- firebird sends drijen to bitaholics anonymous
-*- drijen becomes bit murderer
<andarius> All your bits are belong to.... DEATH, THEY ARE ALL DEAD
<andarius> Hmm, maybe that was a bit dark :(
<fred> Ah, I see you're a comcast customer

Added: 2021-01-20
<ericonr> question
<Vaelatern> answer
<aedinius> disagreement
<maldridge> rebuttle
<aedinius> counter
<Vaelatern> Placatement
<ahesford> settlement
<Vaelatern> Suggestion to remain on-topic
<maldridge> ANGRY SHOUTING
<aedinius> withdrawal
<Vaelatern> googling of irc moderation techniques
<ahesford> sobbing
<aedinius> passive aggressive comments
-!- mode/#xbps [+o maldridge] by ChanServ
<@maldridge> show of force
<aedinius> backing off
-!- mode/#xbps [-o maldridge] by maldridge
<Vaelatern> finding another distro
<maldridge> tacit agreement

Added: 2021-01-09
20:59 <~kn3b> 300 views in the minute it took me to copy and paste the link
21:00 <%n0es> Did you copy and paste it one character at a time?
21:01 <~kn3b> i entered it using the screen keyboard under accessbility settings
21:02 <%n0es> Excellent use of your time and resources
21:02 <~kn3b> it aint much but its honest work
21:02 <%n0es> I didn't realize you were deaf
21:02 <~kn3b> no i am very much alive

Added: 2020-12-31
14:41 <cisco87> cisco@monster ~/projects/devops $ sudo reboot
14:41 <cisco87> System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.
14:41 <cisco87> Failed to connect to bus: Host is down
14:41 <cisco87> lol can't even reboot

Added: 2020-12-18
23:09 <maldridge> do you order pizza with fruit on it
23:10 <aedinius> tomatoes are a fruit, so yes
23:10 <maldridge> you know what I'm asking
23:10 <aedinius> peppers are fruits, too
23:11 <maldridge> pretty sure you're guilty of crimes against pizza
23:11 <aedinius> My goto is olive and mushroom
23:11 <aedinius> or a supreme with like all the toppings
23:11 <maldridge> pineapple is a pizza toping or no
23:12 <aedinius> alright, so hear me out
23:12 -- Mode #xbps [+o maldridge] by ChanServ
23:12 <-- maldridge has kicked aedinius (nope, get out and take your disgusting fruit pizza with you)
23:13 --> aedinius (~aedinius@netauth/guru/aedinius) has joined #xbps
23:13 <aedinius> Help, help, I'm being repressed!

Added: 2020-12-10
<drijen> beat that guy with a cat o'5 tails

Added: 2020-11-17
<Vaelatern> anandtech's look at the A14/M1 was excellent
<Vaelatern> I'm slowly learning to identify die pictures without annotations
<ahesford> I can identify a picture of a die without annotations
<ahesford> identifying the components therein, not so much

Added: 2020-11-05
16:49 <maldridge> the fact that your dad jokes have reached the low effort level of being literally phoned in...
16:50 <trmg> I mean, the initial prep for the ability to to this was high I'd like to think.
16:50 <trmg> I had to pull cable and shit.

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