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Added: 2024-03-18

<oreo639> You're telling me a shrimp fried this rice?

Added: 2024-03-15

13:40 <aperron> sleep is a myth
13:40 <aperron> I haven't slept in 17 years and I'm a vibrantly productive corpse

Added: 2024-02-26

<a> "rejected promise not handled within 1 second" relatable

Added: 2024-02-15

13:09 <maldridge> just don't use ramdisks
13:22 <Vaelatern> that's like saying just don't use crack
13:22 <Vaelatern> normal people can't possibly function that way
13:22 <Vaelatern> wait

Added: 2024-01-04

<a> It's touch that we had to release 2024 over the holidays....very risky

Added: 2023-10-31

<Montresor> Void linux was interesting, but then they dropped libressl and became boring.

Added: 2023-10-06

<a> Anyone have any tips on how to protect from this cyber attack vector

Cat accused of wiping US Veteran Affairs server info after jumping on keyboard

US govt confirms outage, leaves feline in a quantum state of uncertainty

<b> Someone got cat phished

Added: 2023-10-03

12:06 <alanhuang> [10:53:47] spent a few minutes wondering "what the hell is a corn job" before realizing that someone at work just misspelled cron

Added: 2023-10-03

<wntr> how do i noobfarm stuff

Added: 2023-09-27

14:18 <gewt> oh nice. i found my retro vm host again
14:18 <gewt> (i lost what IP it was at and it got buried in the garage, still networked)

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