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Added: 2020-05-09

<maldridge> I want to do systems engineering, but the box of hard drives is over there --->
<+phy1729> Just use pingfs
<maldridge> can't
<maldridge> the switch is still in a box over here <----

Added: 2020-03-09

<2> this is just turning into buzzword soup
<2> unirouters can connect you to omniproxies which let you talk to real services
<2> but if those break then you can jump off a trampoline through a few bounce houses to get a shell and fix the problem...
<1> are the real services micro services
<1> is there a service mesh
<2> no its an f-ing php monolith

Added: 2020-02-16

<sDrewth> baaaaaah I get sick of tables in works
<sDrewth> annoying though not as annoying as speech quotation
<ankry> sDrewth: handling tables is extremely easy comparing to music
<sDrewth> fair call

Added: 2020-02-13

<m_wynn> good reason to start dating: try more pillows

Added: 2020-02-03

<eyeoh> it's that hour
<orlock> eyeoh: 4:04pm - Motivation not found..

Added: 2020-02-01

01:55 <@_ikke_> I'm confused
01:58 <@_ikke_> ok, confusion solved
02:08 <maldridge> that was fast
02:10 <@_ikke_> yes, I don't like to be confused

Added: 2019-12-17

<cliff> i keep thinking of a shave, but last time i did, i found a potato head under it, and couldnt leave the house for 5 days

Added: 2019-12-05

<Devastator> why it is so difficult to pick a laptop? :(
<auxy> because you are picking the least worst option
<auxy> they're all trash
<Armand> You have weak wrists, Devastator ?
<Devastator> Armand why?
<Devastator> it will be a gift for my dad
<Devastator> not enough cash..
<S_SubZero> ok then get off IRC and go mow lawns/shovel snow
<Devastator> S_SubZero we don't have snow :(
<S_SubZero> you may have lawns
<S_SubZero> knock over a convenience store or something
<Armand> Devastator: Ahhh... "pick a laptop".. I thought you meant "pick up.."
<Armand> :P
<gry> haha

Added: 2019-11-21

20:10 <Kellin> but the frenetic oddities? the kind of inscrutable wtf are you saying moments? that's all classic him
20:14 <jkwood> I usually use that line about rob0

Added: 2019-11-16

23:00 <+Vaelatern> phy1729: you are interrupting my date!
23:00 <+phy1729> oh, oops
23:01 -- Mode #utdlug [+o phy1729] by ChanServ
23:01 <@phy1729> Vaelatern: ping me when you're done
23:01 -- Mode #utdlug [+b Vaelatern!*@*] by phy1729
23:01 <+Vaelatern> lol
23:01 <-- phy1729 has kicked Vaelatern (now get off IRC dummy)

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