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<Demon_Fox> <+Alan_Hicks> Here is why the traditional measurements are best.
<Demon_Fox> <+Bedlam> much better names
<Demon_Fox> <+Alan_Hicks> Much better names, plus it's the only system of measurement in binary.
<Demon_Fox> <+Alan_Hicks> 2 jacks make a gill. 2 gills make a cup. 2 cups make a pint. 2 pints make a quart. 2 quarts make a pottle. 2 pottles make a gallon. 2 gallons make a peck. 2 peck makes a pail. 2 pails make a bushel.
<Demon_Fox> <+surrounder> wrong
<Demon_Fox> <+surrounder> 2 girls make 1 cup
<TheM4ch1n3> lol
<Demon_Fox> Tell a girl
<Demon_Fox> Two mouth fulls makes a Pony
<Demon_Fox> See how fast you get slapped.
<TheM4ch1n3> lmfao
<Demon_Fox> I am posting this conversation on that website

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<XXLTomate> [19:45:12] Flash policy problem. If you are the server owner, please read You need to install a flash policy daemon at (port 1843).
* HelenaB is listening to Uk Funky House Mix September 2011 Part 1.mp3
<HelenaB> :o
<HelenaB> XXLTomate: Your computer :/
<DG> nah
<HelenaB> atleast follow the instructions!
<HelenaB> DG: works here
<HelenaB> it's his computer
<HelenaB> DG: I've used it in college :/
<DG> "You need to install a flash policy daemon at (port 1843)"
<TomM> LOL!
<XXLTomate> there has to be a deamon installed at the irc server
<TomM> Flash policy goes on the ircd
<DG> ^
<HelenaB> DG: I've used it in college :/
<HelenaB> DG: I've used it in college :/
<HelenaB> DG: I've used it in college :/
<TomM> Ryan (HelenaB) = newb

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<+Alan_Hicks> Here is why the traditional measurements are best.
<+Bedlam> much better names
<+Alan_Hicks> Much better names, plus it's the only system of measurement in binary.
<+Alan_Hicks> 2 jacks make a gill. 2 gills make a cup. 2 cups make a pint. 2 pints make a quart. 2 quarts make a pottle. 2 pottles make a gallon. 2 gallons make a peck. 2 peck makes a pail. 2 pails make a bushel.
<+surrounder> wrong
<+surrounder> 2 girls make 1 cup

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lilililili : does anyone know a command such that i can flip the bits of stdin, and write to stdout?
gnubien : lilililili: flip?
lilililili : gnubien: bitwise not
adaptr : aha, a perl one-liner then
lilililili : adaptr: i dont know perl...
adaptr : or even sed, possibly
mancha : lilili, what format is the stdin,in>
adrien : I want to ask one thing: what's the use?
adrien : what for?
adrien : and about the use?
adrien : because creating newlines and nulls out of nowhere (oh, and bells) is going to be fun
mancha : adrien, which would assume he wants stdout to go to a terminal?
adrien : mancha: creating a bell is independant of where it is :P
lilililili : mancha: its a video file,
adrien : and well, "to stdout"
adrien : ugh
adrien : and what do you expect it to do?
mancha : nothing particularly fun about "bell" unless you output to a terminal.
mancha : otherwise it is just another byte, knowdamena?
adaptr : lilililili: a video file has an encoding. flipping all bits in it will do nothing useful. it will non longer be a video file.
adaptr : *no longer
mancha : lilililili let me think about it for a second.
lilililili : adaptr: i know,
adrien : and what do you expect the result to be?
lilililili : adrien: data which doesnt make sense to any programs
mancha : if i were to guess, it is a cheapish way to store the video and not have any snooper view it
lilililili : basically a kind of weak encryption
adrien : oh, really weak...
lilililili : its porn if you havent guessed, and i want to store it on my dads computer
adrien : you want simple encryption, try XOR'ing instead
adaptr : while getc(foo) putc(foo XOR 0xFF)
mancha : hahahaha
adaptr : that's... wow
mancha : poor fella asks a simple question and gets 10 minutes of unrelated chat  :)
pprkut : sounds like a job for encfs :P
adaptr : it wasn't a really simple question
mancha : it was very simple
adrien : Problem X Y
adrien :
lilililili : no guys, i also want to know how to do this in linux, its interesting
lilililili : i dont need proper encryption, just something thats streams and is fast
adaptr : use steganography
adaptr : there's cmdline programs for that
pprkut : pr0n on steroids

#2116   + (6) -       Added: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 03:56:57 UTC

crocket| wikileaks
trhodes| licky weeks
mancha| sticky cheeks
mancha| billy reeks
phrag| micky meets?
mancha| ricky sneaks
hexhawk| biggy zeaks
mancha| pinky teets
phrag| sticky beeks
hexhawk| licky tweets
mancha| meaty cheeks
phrag| bed time o/

#2080   + (-2) -       Added: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 19:35:12 UTC

< Integgroll> .wik snookie
< Lord_Drachenblut> well physcally I feel like death warmed over and then refrigerated
< AliZa> "Nicole Polizzi (born November 23, 1987), publicly known by her nickname Snooki, is an American reality television personality who appeared on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore starting in 2009." -
< Integgroll> No, no no no no no

#2065   + (5) -       Added: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 03:13:53 UTC

< iluminator101> so back to my question
< notKlaatu> like we said, xinitrc
< Peter64> exec /usr/bin/lxde
< delwin>
< delwin> there's a whole wealth of information just waiting in wiki's if you
               ever bother to open a web browser and look
< iluminator101> i thought archbang was supposed to have has openbox
< Peter64> Why dont people just do the base install of Arch and then install
                the wm of choice
< MrJackson> because thats not how ubuntu works

#1650   + (4) -       Added: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 02:58:33 UTC

< jeev> i dont see the changes here but i have to fart
< jeev> i duno how that related but i wanted to say it anyway
< elderK> Sweet, full screen.
< elderK> And cheers, fire|bird
< elderK>
< fire|bird> good find elderK :)
< eviljames> all your code r belong to goog
< elderK> Here's hoping that it compiles and runs happy on OSX's Xquartz.
< elderK> :)
< fire|bird> elderK: good luck :)
< MLanden> Feel better ,jeev?
< elderK> btw, what the hell is slipscrolling?
< jeev> no i cant fart where i'm at
< jeev> it went away temporarily
< MLanden> sorry to hear,jeev...:C
< jeev> tell me about it
< jeev> i hate holding it in
< eviljames> just blast it out & blame it on the dog
< eviljames> or girlfriend, whatever's handy.

#1491   + (0) -       Added: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 14:24:01 UTC

<me_> does the slackwiki have a tutorial on how to fix the slackwiki?

#1275   + (1) -       Added: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 17:32:23 UTC

< ron1n> hey guys, a friend of mine went through some relationship problems, and his girlfriend changed his root password -_-
< ron1n> is there anyway to recover it?
< rworkman> Is she hot?
< ron1n> its weak, probably full english words
< rworkman> Oops, I'm supposed to be afk.
< ron1n> XD
< Lord_Khelben> haha rworkman :)
< Lord_Khelben> ron1n: there is
< ron1n> rworkman, IMHO yupp =D
< rworkman> But a girl who can figure out how to change a root password is worth investigating.
< Lord_Khelben> but it seems a bit odd that his gf would change the root password
< rworkman> ron1n: who cares, then?  Go after her and forget your friend.
< ron1n> XD
< ron1n> rworkman, she doesn't know much, but she did figure out how to sudo su and passwd (apparently he didn't read the sudo page on the slackwiki page)
< ron1n> if she knows sudo su, she already knows too much

#983   + (0) -       Added: Mon, 05 May 2008 04:23:21 UTC

< robocop> old-f......ive just followed this instruction from the wiki and it said no such file or directory sudo sh ati-driver-installer-$VERSION-$
< thumbs> I hope you didn't type that literally.
< Old_Fogie> robocop, did you download the file?
< Old_Fogie> thumbs, noone would do that, I hope ? :D
* jkwood hands Old_Fogie some aspirin
< thumbs> Old_Fogie: he probably did.
< Old_Fogie> there's a long delay all of sudden
< Old_Fogie> he may have ROFL
* jkwood hands thumbs aspirin too
* Old_Fogie points to 'pom' in console to jkwood and thumbs
< thumbs> jkwood: going to bed
< thumbs> jkwood: but thanks
< Old_Fogie> "The Moon is New"
< robocop> Old_Fogie, ...ah I was wondering about that to.......the reason i didnt download because some people from other distros say dont download the ati driver and give an altwernative of feedora uses livna

#922   + (1) -       Added: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 19:58:52 UTC

< ipfreely> I've tested this theory out and its now a proven fact, drinking a glass of welches grape juice before sleeping causes your morning "doo doo butter" to smell like grape juice
< ipfreely> i should write a wiki on this
< jkwood> ipfreely: I'm speechless.
< ipfreely> jkwood: yeah me too, i've done a 3 day trial and it works

#722   + (0) -       Added: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 03:27:46 UTC

<DGMurdockIII> can you help me get wine installed on centos\
<AcTiVaTe> did you ever read ?
<AcTiVaTe> Can't expect peeps to help you if you are not going to read elementary stuff 1st
<AcTiVaTe> And why use a 64 bit edition anyway when you know squat about it?
<DGMurdockIII> i am reading
<DGMurdockIII> im doing it but it what dose that have to do with wine
<AcTiVaTe> It enables the repository containing wine
<DGMurdockIII> could u help me do with it please cose im stuk
<DGMurdockIII> on one of the steps
<AcTiVaTe> Which one?
<DGMurdockIII> priority=N step
<AcTiVaTe> N is a number between 1 and 50 roughly
<AcTiVaTe> Declaring the priorities for the different repositories or repo's as they call em
<DGMurdockIII> ok i get that but i can save the file
<DGMurdockIII> can't
<AcTiVaTe> So use su or sudo
<DGMurdockIII> dont know now how to do
<DGMurdockIII> i now how to uses su when it ask to be root for a cooand
<DGMurdockIII> but i dont now where to uses su now or what
<AcTiVaTe> just put sudo before the command
<AcTiVaTe> or su -c
<DGMurdockIII> how is that going to help me save a file can you be more clear
<DGMurdockIII> i do now i need root acase
<DGMurdockIII> WTF
<DGMurdockIII> dont do that again
<AcTiVaTe> Since you know everything already and can read HOWTO's and use google you obviously don't need me. Good luck in your Linux adventures

#654   + (0) -       Added: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 23:53:54 UTC

<GoRpO> i have a problem ..
<GoRpO> a reiserfsck --rebuilt-tree was executed in a ntfs partition ...
<ciosad> doh
<GoRpO> what can i do to repair this ?
<amphi> GoRpO: --rebuild-tree is scary enough on reiserfs
<GoRpO> exactly ... but me cause this error ... executing rebuild-tree on ntfs partition
<amphi> GoRpO: reiser-fsck has been described as a "horror reanimator" ;) see
<GoRpO> ok ,, but i need repair this ntfs partition
<GoRpO> execute rebuild-tree on a ntfs partition was a mistake , should be execute this on /dev/hda3, but i set rebuild-tree on /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda1 is a ntfs partition
<GoRpO> can i do repair /dev/hda1 ?
<awol> Some very useful data recovery software can be found at
<sethk> GoRpO, generally speaking you don't want to repair ntfs from within linux.
<GoRpO> omg
<amphi> sethk: masterly understatement ;)
<sethk> amphi, thank you  :)
<amphi> GoRpO: if --rebuild-tree actually did anything I would think you can kiss that fs goodbye
<sekhmet> amphi: Good god, I hadn't seen that before (re: horror reanimator).  That's just hideous
<amphi> GoRpO: just having a reiser fs in a file for a loopback fs is enough for rebuild-tree to completely trash a reiserfs partition, apparently - thus "horror reanimator" ;)
<amphi> sekhmet: scary, eh?
<sekhmet> amphi: Quite
<amphi> I did have to do --rebuild-tree once, and it did work, but it was sufficiently alarming that I renounced reiserfs
<GoRpO> a brazilian expression need be used on this moment
<amphi> I liked the bit in the manpage that said if rebuild-tree fails or is interrupted, the partion will no longer be mountable...
<GoRpO> a expression "To fudido "
<GoRpO> "to fudido" show all emotions on this momment
<amphi> GoRpO: not an expression of joy, I take it ;)
<sethk> reiser will kill you ....   :)
<amphi> heh
<GoRpO> hehe
<GoRpO> reiser just killed me
<amphi> GoRpO: well, it's more like you used reiser to repeatedly stab your ntfs partition, to be fair; it would have been nice if it had said "this is not a reiser fs, bailing"
<GoRpO> reiser destruct me hehe
<GoRpO> yep ... its have been good
<Fiver> hmm.. speaking of which, the prosecution rested its case yesterday

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<Gargantua> pathetic
<pilate> Gargantua, why is that pathetic?  One of the biggest problems is cross-platform incompatability.  OSX natively running KDE is a big step.
<pilate> shows well for kde devs as well as osx devs
<Gargantua> that's just a theme man...
<pilate> oh
<Gargantua> ahahahaha
<pilate> hahaha
<pilate> omg
<pilate> pathetic.

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WARNING: This is long, and that's even with considerable snipping.
        Even so, this is worth the read... :-)

<oneforall> reading thsi its clear that sys-v style and BSD-style are diffrent and it does say that slackware cleary uses BSD-style .The usage on most Linux distributions is compatible with System V, but some distributions, such as Slackware, use a BSD-style   fact is slackware juat uaes part of sys-v but more bsd-style
<Dagmar> Yeah, but the fundament of the matter is that it's still SysV because we have inittab and runlevels.
<oneforall> uses the run level but all startup is done with BSD init runs the initialization shell script located in '/etc/rc',
<Motoko-chan> Slackware uses a system-v compatible init program.
<Motoko-chan> But the scripts bend the startup to be bsd-like.
<oneforall> BSD-style
<oneforall> SysV-style read it
<oneforall> its your own link you posted its pretty clear and yes some thing as allways are a bit diffrent because most things in linux are allways writen with rh and clones of it
<Motoko-chan> I think you are confused. RedHat is not a source of anything.
<Motoko-chan> Runlevels = system-v init
<Dagmar> I can assure you that if a system has init and runlevels, it's a SysV init system
<oneforall> Motoko-chan I will say it one more time I know that part of it is used fir the runlevels but not as much as you clame its only part ogf it .
<Motoko-chan> Slackware has runlevels, therefore, it is a system-v init.
<Motoko-chan> HOWEVER
<Motoko-chan> It uses single-file startup scripts (albeit one per runlevel), so it is BSD-like in that aspect.
<Dagmar> Patrick just writes his init scripts in BSD-style
<Dagmar> THis does not make it a BSD init
<oneforall> The usage on most Linux distributions is compatible with System V, but some distributions, such as Slackware, use a BSD-style there is nothing hard to see what that says
<rworkman> Why is this concept seemingly so hard to grok?
<Motoko-chan> rworkman, because they don't know how to read or think.
<oneforall> its not
<Dagmar> I have yet to see a LInux distribution that wasn't sysV init, aside from a lot of these dinky embedded ones
<oneforall> read
<Motoko-chan> oneforall, there are many parts to the init system.
<oneforall> there isa whole or part and I agree on only part like it says . not all like is clamied here
<Motoko-chan> When any UNIX-style system boots, it loads a program called "init"
<Motoko-chan> This determined how it boots.
<Dagmar> It's not what init does that makes it BSD or SysV init.
<Dagmar> It's whether or not you HAVE an init system with runlevels.
<Motoko-chan> For BSD systems, init runs one specific file.
<oneforall> well stop telling people its all sys-v when its not he only uses a part of it and in a diffrent way than most
<Dagmar> The scripts being BSD-style in Slackware doesn't make it a BSD init.
<Dagmar> Not one little bit.
<Motoko-chan> For System-V, it handles what level to load, and determines how to run based on that.
<rworkman> oneforall: it *is* all SysV init though.
<Dagmar> It means we have BSD-style init scripts.  No more, and no less.
<Motoko-chan> It uses a file called inittab to determine this.
<Motoko-chan> Slackware then uses a BSD-style single-file-to-start-stuff method.
<Motoko-chan> Other systems opt for a more "pure" System-V approach and make things modular.
<Dagmar> If we weren't sysv, you couldn't type `telinit 4` to start X, for one thing
<Motoko-chan> Read /etc/inittab in Slackware some time.
<oneforall> no but thats the bsd and it made to work with both
<oneforall> you just eat your own words
<Motoko-chan> Huh?
<rworkman> oneforall: no, you're reading what you *want* to read.
<Motoko-chan> [23:58] <Motoko-chan> Runlevels = system-v init
<Motoko-chan> [23:59] <Motoko-chan> No levels (just single and multi) = BSD init
<Dagmar> oneforall: On a BSD init, init runs *one* file period, no matter what runlevel because it has no runlevels
<Dagmar> If inittab is there definining runlevels, it's SysV, period.
<oneforall> System V Compatibility read that again and read what you just said trhere
<oneforall> it uses bsd style and it clear
<Dagmar> Runlevels and inittab are what *make* the system SysV
<Dagmar> For the last bloody time... "BSD-style" != "BSD init"
<Dagmar> Maybe we *do* need to get Pat to clarify this crap
<Motoko-chan> All this "compatibilty" does it run the start scripts like how other modular systems do.
<rworkman> oneforall: that SysV compatibility is there to provide compatibility to things expecting *pure* SysV init *layout*
<Motoko-chan> It doesn't mean that Slackware uses BSD's init.
<rworkman> What's this link Pat has up?
<Dagmar> I can't think of any other reason why people would be so ready to deny it's existance.
<Motoko-chan> It just means it adds a system for those things that don't expect Slackware's style.
<Motoko-chan> rworkman,
<oneforall> rworkman the fact is its not ALL sys-v it only partly used
<rworkman> no.
<Motoko-chan> It says nothing about what they are taking it to mean
<Motoko-chan> "BSD-style file layout"
<Motoko-chan> That is THE ONLY BSD STUFF IT CLAIMS
<Dagmar> THat Slackware doesn't by default make use of a jillion symlinks does *not*, I repeat, does *not* make it not sysv
<rworkman> oneforall: Slackware uses SysV init.  Period.
<lapinours> oneforall: see, it has helped me once to understand the difference.
<oneforall> well read it the way you want but its plane and clear
<rworkman> Yes, it is.
<Motoko-chan> Yes it is.
<oneforall> Slackware includes System V init compatibility. Many other Linux distributions make use of this style instead of the BSD style. Basically each runlevel is given a subdirectory for init scripts, whereas BSD style gives one init script to each runlevel.
<oneforall> thats says diffrent that what you claim
<Motoko-chan> [00:08] <Motoko-chan> "BSD-style file layout"
<Dagmar> oneforall: "BSD style" != "BSD init"
<Motoko-chan> No, you are reading it WRONG.
<oneforall> BSD style gives one init script
<oneforall> notice they are init scripts
<Motoko-chan> Correct.
<Dagmar> So what?
<Motoko-chan> Like I said, delete /etc/inittab and reboot.
<Dagmar> We have an init daemon.
<Motoko-chan> If it really is BSD init, it doesn't need it since that is system-v init.
<Dagmar> That makes us SysV.
<Dagmar> Why is this so hard for people
<Dagmar> If you don't have an init daemon, it's likely you're looking at a BSD init
<oneforall> Motoko-chan how stuoid are you I repeatly said it uses part i knwo if you take out that part yopur
fucked duh it only a f..g part
<oneforall> remove all the bds rc file and reboot
<Dagmar> oneforall: It's _the_ f..g part.
##slackware: mode change '+o rworkman' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.
##slackware: mode change '+b %oneforall!*@*' by rworkman!n=rworkman@
<rworkman> oneforall: I hate to do that to a channel regular, but you know better.

... and a few minutes later...

<rworkman> Okay, guys, to clear the air:
<rworkman> 07:10 < rworkman> volkerdi: would you be willing to clarify to indicate that Slackware *does* use SysV init.  It seems that some refuse to listen to reason.
<rworkman> 07:22 < volkerdi> rworkman: I'd think that /etc/rc.d/rc.sysvinit being run whenever the runlevel is changed might be a clue, along with the appearance of the new directories (which worked before too, but had to be made manually)
<Dagmar> hehe
<rworkman> Anyone else want to argue?
<Dagmar> Apparently having to answer that baffled Pat as much as it did some of us
<rworkman> :)

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01:25 < miss_miranda> Hi
01:25 < miss_miranda> how do you ignore users
01:25 < miss_miranda> on pidgin
01:26 -!- ehc [] has joined #pidgin
01:27 -!- preksh1 [n=prekshu@] has joined #pidgin
01:28 -!- miss_miranda [n=real96@wikipedia/real96] has left #pidgin []

Like that :-)

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BACKGROUND INFO: maxine is a bot who can 'learn' and such...
< Pons> guys, what is wrong with this rule?
< Pons> iptables -A INPUT -s -d --dport 1:1024 -p tcp -j DROP
< Rawplayer> nothing?
< maxine> i heard nothing was in the wiki except horrible techie garbage ;P
< maxine> robw810: I forgot nothing
< Rawplayer> :P
< robw810> Sounds like my wife...
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