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#2781   + (0) -       Added: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 11:17:34 UTC

<bob> When I have money, I shall :p
<lyrg> yes, yes, that thing... like they say in russian proverb, take a small thing from everyone, and a naked one will have a t-shirt
<bob> Ha nice one
<lyrg> thing .. forgot the word.. what do you use with a needle? one that thing from everyone
<bob> Syringe?
<lyrg> no
<bob> Thread?
<lyrg> LOL
<lyrg> ye
<lyrg> s

#2780   + (3) -       Added: Mon, 02 Mar 2015 20:25:39 UTC

<+FatalNIX> I'm a pretty lore princess

#2779   + (2) -       Added: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 15:48:18 UTC

< felixjet> does linode accept adult content?
< MajObviousman> as payment?
< buhman> ^ yes
< felixjet> as payment?
< MajObviousman> kinda hard to mail sex
<@caker> heh

#2778   + (2) -       Added: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 23:41:23 UTC

<+wigums> cant find the fucking cigarette i just made so i made another, when i went to put it in my mouth i found the original cigarette
<+sodomy> It wouldn't be the first time wigums has had 2 fags in his mouth.

#2777   + (2) -       Added: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 22:18:26 UTC

«+Beebz» "When two people kiss they create a long tube with assholes on both ends."

#2775   + (0) -       Added: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 22:40:24 UTC

<        ryuo>| Workster, it has risen!
* ryuo faints.
<@   Workster>| hah
<    nogagplz>| gonna need more context than that
<    nogagplz>| for all we know yoy just got hard then fainted from lack of blood to the brain

#2774   + (0) -       Added: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 03:59:36 UTC

maldridge: im just entertained that the cost of the larger disk is                             apparently a deal breaker for just storing both
drijen: you gotta do what you gotta do
drijen: imagine if you lived in third world country. best computer you could buy is a pentium III
phy1729: I could IRC on that

#2773   + (0) -       Added: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 21:49:23 UTC

< MajObviousman> on the flip side, engineers need managers/salesmen/marketing/useless folks because ... have you ever seen an engineer try to sell to the average end user?
<    ninjabox> I love watching managers congratulate each other on getting things done
< MajObviousm> it's like they're speaking different languages
< MajObviousm> ain't nothing would ever be sold
< drijen> MajObviousman: i sold to the avg end user all the time
< MajObviousman> drijen: what does that say about you then?
<    ninjabox> ooooooooo

#2772   + (2) -       Added: Fri, 06 Feb 2015 04:39:50 UTC

< CHVNX> I have several bands.
< SpiceMan> all I have is dust in my instrument
< CHVNX> What do you play?
< Dominian> skin flute
< SpiceMan> I can't claim I play.
< SpiceMan> Dominian: that's a toy, not an instrument
< Dominian> hahaha

#2771   + (2) -       Added: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 01:33:02 UTC

< MajObviousman> well look, if I stay at the party long enough, odds are I'm going to have to poop
< MajObviousman> if it's a _really_ good party going on all day and night, then most certainly I'll have to poop at least one time, maybe more
< MajObviousman> so, is being a party pooper really a bad thing, or just a digestive act?

#2770   + (0) -       Added: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 08:03:02 UTC

<`Eddie|Mac> yes english is pretty much y native lungs
<`Eddie|Mac> native language

#2769   + (2) -       Added: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 11:46:03 UTC

«+     wizzoid» An  SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, Irish pub, drinks, beer

#2767   + (0) -       Added: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 01:14:33 UTC

< Cano> I'm developing open source dildo
< Cano> some dude from Japan just bought 10 of those from me

#2766   + (0) -       Added: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 03:46:58 UTC

<Upstand> is this a dating network?
<T_D_H> yes
-*- T_D_H takes off his robe and wizards hat
<-- Upstand has left #help
<zi> i think you're supposed to put those on
<T_D_H> this is the brazzers version

#2765   + (2) -       Added: Sat, 03 Jan 2015 06:05:52 UTC

maldridge   | socket wrench xkcd?                                                                      
        drijen  | maldridge: hit a guy with a socket wrench, they vend passwords                            
      maldridge | ah, right                                                                                
  MajObviousman | excellent choice of word: vend                                                            
         drijen | right?                                                                                    
              * | drijen is smarter than everyone on irc makes him out to be :/                            
      maldridge | you would still be hard pressed to find that wrench for $5                              
         drijen | maldridge: if it makes it feel better, i would beat you with the most expensive, nicest  
                | wrench i could find                                                                      
      maldridge | you're in luck, its on sale:
                | 0005LDFN?gclid=CjwKEAiAoJmlBRCxjKeizPHVs1ESJAC6cxjUOS9cIO_a89cK7ly7UqHZUesR5ENPgoPTVcIVYW
                | w1zRoCwzLw_wcB

#2763   + (1) -       Added: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 01:19:15 UTC

theborger> i wish someone would cut your fucking hands off.
<theborger> then all of us could have a good day in here.
<wigums> but then youd be stuck having to jack me off all the time
<wigums> you do it now because you like it, but i dont want jacking me off to become like a job you HAVE to do
<wigums> then you wouldnt enjoy it as much

#2762   + (0) -       Added: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 21:29:36 UTC

+wigums | *** pterodactyls ***
     * | hitest runs
     * | hitest tosses a beer over his shoulder to wigums as he sprints away
+wigums | mmm beer
+wigums | heh, little did you know beer is a natural pterodactyl repellant
+hitest | good to know
     * | hitest returns with a keg
+wigums | lol
+hitest | :)
+wigums | think about it, every drunk has seen a purple / green / yellow / pink pterodactyl or elephant or whatever, but not a SINGLE drunk has EVER been eaten by one

#2758   + (2) -       Added: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 06:18:25 UTC

<farrioth> k2gremlin: Don't worry. Regular expressions are really handy though, so read up on them next time you're bored :p
<Gorroth> be bored!  regex is great
<Gorroth> although, looking at someone else's regex can be kind of horrid
<Gorroth> then again, looking at your own regex after a long time can feel the same way
<farrioth> Gorroth: sed '/^#/!d;s/^##//g;s/^#\(.*\)\[.*\]\[.*\]*/s@<([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\\s+.*id=.?\1.*>.*<\/\\1>@@g/g;s/^#\(.*\)/s@<([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\\s+.*id=.?\1.*>.*<\/\\1>@@g/g;s/^\.\(.*\)/s@<([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\\s+.*class=.?\1.*>.*<\/\\1>@@g/g;s/^a\[\(.*\)\]/s@<a.*\1.*>.*<\/a>@@g/g;s/^\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)\.\(.*\)\[.*\]\[.*\]*/s@<\1.*class=.?\2.*>.*<\/\1>@@g/g;s/^\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)#\(.*\):.*[:[^:]]*[^:]*/s@<\1.*id=.?\2.*>.*<\/\1>@@g/g;s/^\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)#\(.*\)/s
<gry> :o
<farrioth> I just came across that one in the wild...
<ForTheWin> ???
<k2gremlin> wtf?

#2757   + (0) -       Added: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 17:53:36 UTC

(+ Beebz) I'm also comfortable twerking it

#2756   + (5) -       Added: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 16:09:19 UTC

+wizzoid | I only played the sims once.. that was enough for me.  I had to read thenewspaper to find a job.. and did that.  then I had to get a ride to work.. did that. then I set the clock to get up in time to shower and eat before work.. did that. Then I made the mistake of microwaving my breakfast twice out of boredome and my house burned down because I hadn't done the 'cooking training'.  So I sat there with my house engulfed in flames as my ride for work was out fromt blowing the horn to pick me up.
+wizzoid | why would I play a game for that kinda stress? I can get that in RL
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