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<Quiznos> volkerdi i once read from some DoD report or summary about network security that it is better to close a system fully then let local admin open as required.  I prefer that and give the number of unprepared users crossing over to Linux, that might be a better situ for them
<volkerdi> Quiznos: It's probably even better than that to unplug the cat5.
<Quiznos> volkerdi a Simple thing to do would be `echo ALL: all >>/etc/host.deny'
<Quiznos> volkerdi cant have everything; but the echo is a good idea and one of the first things i do
<volkerdi> Quiznos: 100s of mails about that would be a delight
<Quiznos> volkerdi isnt one enough? :)
<danc3> Quiznos: and then the n00bs would flood this channel with "my internet doesn't work!!!"
<Quiznos> danc3 host.deny doesnt affect outbound. only inbound connections
<volkerdi> As much as some people mistake me for such, I am not the Keeper of the Toilet Paper
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