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gunther: hello there
gunther: 1.You notice an unusual spike in TCP and UDP flows from a single internal source to multiple destinations.  Describe in detail the steps you would take to determine the type of traffic that this represents.
gunther: 1.You have observed TCP connections to an IP address.  The HTTP connections return a file named a.txt but when you try to retrieve the file with your browser you receive a 404 error code.  You do not know the DNS name associated with the IP address (there is no reverse map).   Describe the steps you would take to retrieve a.txt.  Provide a plausible explanation why another machine on your network is retrieving a.
gunther: 1.You are presented with a list of known bad DNS names but are not allowed to monitor traffic with network sniffers.  You are asked to indicate what names are in use on your network without using a network sniffer. Describe, in detail the steps you would take.
variable: gunther, homework help?
jbest: accidental paste? :P
gunther: even worse than that
gunther: no, worse than accidental paste
gunther: lamer job interiew questions
gunther: I'm pasting them to prove how lame your average SOC manager is
gunther: these are meant to test my abilities
gunther: if it's not any trouble, I'll paste the lamest of them:  question 4 about firewalls
variable: Sr. Security Engineer Job in Reston 20190, Virginia US ??
variable: that one
gunther: lol
gunther: damn man
gunther: we going for the same job?
variable: gunther, worse
gunther: oh noes
***variable does the hiring
gunther: sir I am so sorry
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