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<farrioth> k2gremlin: Don't worry. Regular expressions are really handy though, so read up on them next time you're bored :p
<Gorroth> be bored!  regex is great
<Gorroth> although, looking at someone else's regex can be kind of horrid
<Gorroth> then again, looking at your own regex after a long time can feel the same way
<farrioth> Gorroth: sed '/^#/!d;s/^##//g;s/^#\(.*\)\[.*\]\[.*\]*/s@<([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\\s+.*id=.?\1.*>.*<\/\\1>@@g/g;s/^#\(.*\)/s@<([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\\s+.*id=.?\1.*>.*<\/\\1>@@g/g;s/^\.\(.*\)/s@<([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\\s+.*class=.?\1.*>.*<\/\\1>@@g/g;s/^a\[\(.*\)\]/s@<a.*\1.*>.*<\/a>@@g/g;s/^\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)\.\(.*\)\[.*\]\[.*\]*/s@<\1.*class=.?\2.*>.*<\/\1>@@g/g;s/^\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)#\(.*\):.*[:[^:]]*[^:]*/s@<\1.*id=.?\2.*>.*<\/\1>@@g/g;s/^\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)#\(.*\)/s
<gry> :o
<farrioth> I just came across that one in the wild...
<ForTheWin> ???
<k2gremlin> wtf?

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(+ Beebz) I'm also comfortable twerking it

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+wizzoid | I only played the sims once.. that was enough for me.  I had to read thenewspaper to find a job.. and did that.  then I had to get a ride to work.. did that. then I set the clock to get up in time to shower and eat before work.. did that. Then I made the mistake of microwaving my breakfast twice out of boredome and my house burned down because I hadn't done the 'cooking training'.  So I sat there with my house engulfed in flames as my ride for work was out fromt blowing the horn to pick me up.
+wizzoid | why would I play a game for that kinda stress? I can get that in RL

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< Hedgework> Trout are NOT as durable bludgeoning tools as one might expect.

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<+Slackology> I would suck lime flavored jello from mispwns belly button... just for the record.
<+wiglet> id eat the corn out of her shit

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<wiglet> hell, i fap enough to power the entire eastern seaboard

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<nanicoar> :<
<nanicoar> sshd started up with PID 1337.
<nanicoar> This makes me uncomfortable.

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+BP{k} | Vidi, Vespa, Vesa ... I came, saw a scooter, bought it

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«          thi» hi guys, hi  higor
«          thi» I could not put the EhactoraFive and othres in cacus
«          thi» FilterCode="Ehac
«          thi» MapFilters[10]=Ehac Ehac-*
«          thi» what's the secret to running?
«@       g0v» walk fast

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< mishehu> I am my own worst segfault.

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«+majorsecurit» we asked my mom to cut our cat's nails earlier this week, then today my gf freaks out and thinks my mom is going to hurt our cat when my mom has been cutting cat nails for 20+ years
«+   theborger» majorsecurity: time to get rid of here, and find a new one
«+       tiddy» majorsecurity, the lesson to be learned is never trust your mom with your gf's pussy

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"Talking about Token Ring Networks"

+misspwn | it's like jehovas theborger                                                                                                
+theborger | misspwn: yes YES god damn Jehovas                                                                                              
+theborger | those God Damn knock on your door on a sunday at 8am. when i am trying to get my fucking dick unstuck from something
+majorsecurity | theborger: I could actually imagine that happening      
+theborger | and you open the door and there like OMFG you got a Hamster stuck on your dick                                                
+theborger | and i say, Fuck you Jehovas, knocking on my door at 8am                                                                      
+theborger | so i jerk off and shot the hamster off my dick. making it land in the Jahovas face                                          
+theborger | and that sums up a Token ring. Ok class read pages 99 to 203. have a good study night

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<O26rus> svetlana: Idk. Its may be just bed memory or bed operator. In any case I can't do anythind until tomorrow.
<svetlana> Bad memory or bad operator?
<svetlana> bed is КРОВАТЬ, where you sleep
<O26rus> i'm not sure i do it right
<abs60923> почему два русских общаются на английском
<abs60923> на русскоязычном канале
<bender> bed operator
<svetlana> abs, Не знаю, он попросил
<bender> какое цивильное название проститутки :)
<O26rus> svetlana: svetlana we talking about different PCs
<abs> кроватный оператор это сильно


<O26rus> svetlana: Idk. Its may be just bed memory or bed operator. In any case I can't do anythind until tomorrow.
<svetlana> Bad memory or bad operator?
<svetlana> bed is BED, where you sleep
<O26rus> i'm not sure i do it right
<abs60923> why are two Russians talking in English
<abs60923> on a Russian channel
<bender> bed operator
<svetlana> abs, I don't know, he asked
<bender> what a civil name for a prostitute :)
<O26rus> svetlana: svetlana we talking about different PCs
<abs> bed operator is a strong thought

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Urchlay | "I went and got my car's alignment checked. It's Chaotic Evil."

#2742   + (-1) -       Added: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:48:38 UTC

<Tadgy> Does anyone else find it odd that in a channel populated by mostly men, the only cock being talked about is a rooster?
<Tadgy> You people are just wrong.

#2741   + (2) -       Added: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 19:07:12 UTC

<+Alan_Hicks> Canada's Navy is no joke. Have you seen the new drones they're deploying?
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: ^^
<+eviljames> Alan_Hicks: I have not!
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: Was in the papers a couple months back. Gimme a second to find a link.
<+eviljames> Alan_Hicks: thx
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: Here you go.

#2740   + (-1) -       Added: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 15:02:59 UTC

<svetlana> eeee: hi.
<eeee> svetlana: hi
<svetlana> eeee: we talked earlier today.
<eeee> about the cron?
<svetlana> yes.
<eeee> ah yes i woke up and figured it out on the toilet
<svetlana> did it start working the way you intended?
<eeee> in the morning today :D toilet helps
<eeee> yeah
<svetlana> woo. mornings are awesome.

#2739   + (-1) -       Added: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 18:50:06 UTC

< TheM4ch1n3> Demon_Fox: my troll problem, could be paranoia
< Tadgy> TheM4ch1n3: Demon_Fox isn't just paranoia, he really is a troll.

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<jolux> Hello, could somehelp please send me a password reset email?
<niko> jolux: email sent
<jolux> Thank you! It’s going in KeePass this time.
--> icesword joined
<nzerobody> jolux, what's your keepass password?
<jolux> and why would you like to know this?
<nzerobody> I'm doing a survey on password strength
<jolux> uh huh
<jolux> riiiiiight
<jolux> and i’m doing pentesting
<icesword> lol
<sveta> :)
<jolux> would you like to open this suspicious file for me?
<icesword> lmao
<jolux> i have a few zip bombs as well
<jolux> those are always fun
<icesword> wait for the ban hammer
<icesword> guys
<jolux> TL;DR I’m not that stupid. Good day.
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