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#2748   + (0) -       Added: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 12:36:08 UTC

(+      BP{k}) a friend gave you a cup b+ breast fora couple of days?
(+ surrounder) nice size
(+  skyroveRR) No, a pi.
(+  skyroveRR) Although breasts would be a delight.

#2747   + (-1) -       Added: Wed, 03 Sep 2014 03:39:39 UTC

< mishehu> I am my own worst segfault.

#2746   + (0) -       Added: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 22:58:09 UTC

«+majorsecurit» we asked my mom to cut our cat's nails earlier this week, then today my gf freaks out and thinks my mom is going to hurt our cat when my mom has been cutting cat nails for 20+ years
«+   theborger» majorsecurity: time to get rid of here, and find a new one
«+       tiddy» majorsecurity, the lesson to be learned is never trust your mom with your gf's pussy

#2745   + (4) -       Added: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 06:53:57 UTC

"Talking about Token Ring Networks"

+misspwn | it's like jehovas theborger                                                                                                
+theborger | misspwn: yes YES god damn Jehovas                                                                                              
+theborger | those God Damn knock on your door on a sunday at 8am. when i am trying to get my fucking dick unstuck from something
+majorsecurity | theborger: I could actually imagine that happening      
+theborger | and you open the door and there like OMFG you got a Hamster stuck on your dick                                                
+theborger | and i say, Fuck you Jehovas, knocking on my door at 8am                                                                      
+theborger | so i jerk off and shot the hamster off my dick. making it land in the Jahovas face                                          
+theborger | and that sums up a Token ring. Ok class read pages 99 to 203. have a good study night

#2744   + (0) -       Added: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 10:05:29 UTC

<O26rus> svetlana: Idk. Its may be just bed memory or bed operator. In any case I can't do anythind until tomorrow.
<svetlana> Bad memory or bad operator?
<svetlana> bed is КРОВАТЬ, where you sleep
<O26rus> i'm not sure i do it right
<abs60923> почему два русских общаются на английском
<abs60923> на русскоязычном канале
<bender> bed operator
<svetlana> abs, Не знаю, он попросил
<bender> какое цивильное название проститутки :)
<O26rus> svetlana: svetlana we talking about different PCs
<abs> кроватный оператор это сильно


<O26rus> svetlana: Idk. Its may be just bed memory or bed operator. In any case I can't do anythind until tomorrow.
<svetlana> Bad memory or bad operator?
<svetlana> bed is BED, where you sleep
<O26rus> i'm not sure i do it right
<abs60923> why are two Russians talking in English
<abs60923> on a Russian channel
<bender> bed operator
<svetlana> abs, I don't know, he asked
<bender> what a civil name for a prostitute :)
<O26rus> svetlana: svetlana we talking about different PCs
<abs> bed operator is a strong thought

#2743   + (0) -       Added: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 08:02:01 UTC

Urchlay | "I went and got my car's alignment checked. It's Chaotic Evil."

#2742   + (-1) -       Added: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:48:38 UTC

<Tadgy> Does anyone else find it odd that in a channel populated by mostly men, the only cock being talked about is a rooster?
<Tadgy> You people are just wrong.

#2741   + (3) -       Added: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 19:07:12 UTC

<+Alan_Hicks> Canada's Navy is no joke. Have you seen the new drones they're deploying?
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: ^^
<+eviljames> Alan_Hicks: I have not!
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: Was in the papers a couple months back. Gimme a second to find a link.
<+eviljames> Alan_Hicks: thx
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: Here you go.

#2740   + (-1) -       Added: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 15:02:59 UTC

<svetlana> eeee: hi.
<eeee> svetlana: hi
<svetlana> eeee: we talked earlier today.
<eeee> about the cron?
<svetlana> yes.
<eeee> ah yes i woke up and figured it out on the toilet
<svetlana> did it start working the way you intended?
<eeee> in the morning today :D toilet helps
<eeee> yeah
<svetlana> woo. mornings are awesome.

#2739   + (-1) -       Added: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 18:50:06 UTC

< TheM4ch1n3> Demon_Fox: my troll problem, could be paranoia
< Tadgy> TheM4ch1n3: Demon_Fox isn't just paranoia, he really is a troll.

#2738   + (-1) -       Added: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 12:21:38 UTC

<jolux> Hello, could somehelp please send me a password reset email?
<niko> jolux: email sent
<jolux> Thank you! It’s going in KeePass this time.
--> icesword joined
<nzerobody> jolux, what's your keepass password?
<jolux> and why would you like to know this?
<nzerobody> I'm doing a survey on password strength
<jolux> uh huh
<jolux> riiiiiight
<jolux> and i’m doing pentesting
<icesword> lol
<sveta> :)
<jolux> would you like to open this suspicious file for me?
<icesword> lmao
<jolux> i have a few zip bombs as well
<jolux> those are always fun
<icesword> wait for the ban hammer
<icesword> guys
<jolux> TL;DR I’m not that stupid. Good day.

#2737   + (-1) -       Added: Sun, 08 Jun 2014 00:15:26 UTC

<jimbow> do you exercise?
<usr> Jimbow intelligent people don't have enough time to exercise
<Atroc> nope
<Hydrogenum> I only exercise when dating a female

#2736   + (0) -       Added: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 12:46:20 UTC

<jenthehappygeek> Good morning.
<jenthehappygeek> If a download says x86_64 will it work on 64-bit?

#2735   + (-1) -       Added: Mon, 26 May 2014 19:13:34 UTC

adrien:  programming has the potential to break many things

#2734   + (0) -       Added: Sat, 24 May 2014 12:31:29 UTC

<j4jackj> What's your favourite thing to do when slightly sleep deprived and about to get high on caffeine?
<gry> throwing caffeine out of the window and heading to sleep :)
<j4jackj> LOL

#2733   + (1) -       Added: Fri, 23 May 2014 13:22:45 UTC

+Fatalnix | Meh. I'm still puzzled from yesterday. Someone was trying to convince me that in an MVC model all of the logic of the program should be in the model...
+WhiteWolf1776 | mvc... has models?
+WhiteWolf1776 | i thought it was just pasty white boys with glasses

#2732   + (12) -       Added: Thu, 15 May 2014 15:11:38 UTC

<Shibu> i have changed the setting in Filezilla
<Shibu> still it is not getting connected
<Shibu> can u check at your end
<Shibu> it is giving me error
<Shibu> Error:        Connection closed by server with exitcode 1 Error:        Could not connect to server
<Shibu> what is the issue?
<Shibu> ???
<Shibu> ???
<xzr> Could not connect to server
<Shibu> please advise
<Shibu> Man....ftp is not getting connected
<Shibu> can u assist me real fast
<Shibu> it is affecting my business
<xzr> it seems that your ftp can't connect to the server
<Shibu> so what is the solution
<Shibu> how can I access it
<xzr> make it connect to the server
<Shibu> how?
<xzr> by fixing it
<Shibu> how to fix it?
<xzr> by learning how to fix it
<Shibu> where I have to change it
<xzr> in the settings
<Shibu> connect to some technical person who can assist me
<JettaJoey> ?unmanaged
<SammyTheShark> An unmanaged server (such as DigitalOcean's droplets) makes you responsible for the configuration of the server and any third party software. A managed server is where you have someone to take care of that for you.
<Shibu> how can I configure in droplets
<Shibu> assist me for that
<xzr> :D
<xzr> u funny
<Shibu> man no jokes please
<Shibu> am here for a very serious issues
<Shibu> and u r not helping me out
<Katasrophic> Open a ticket
<[joker]work> ?started
<Shibu> I opened a ticket
<Shibu> talked to them multiple times
<Shibu> still am not getting solution
<[joker]work> the problem is that this isnt a support issue
<esde> Shibu: if you are having this many issues configuring your own server. And this stuff is truly production, move it to managed for fucks sake.
<Shibu> if u guys dont provide support then better refund me..I will move to diffrent provider
<gparent> they provide support for the things they sell you, not the things you configure yourself
<esde> My point is, unmanaged = they provide the box, you make the stuff in it work. Apparently that's too much for you. Go with managed and they will support almost everything in the box too.
<Shibu> Man I have gone through all the tutorials and communities
<Katasrophic> this is not a chat full of DO’s support staff, just fyi. DO is ment for those that know these things, FTP is basic.
<Shibu> am not getting solution thats why I prefered direct chat
<[joker]work> this is NOT a support channel
<xzr> if you have gone through the tutorials then you should be able to manage your droplet
<[joker]work> and Digital Ocean is an unmanaged provider
<Shibu> I know FTP very well and using for past 5 years
<esde> go with managed Shibu they will hand hold with you, but you'll pay more for that hand holding
<Shibu> all the server config is so easy unlike yours
<xzr> :D
<Katasrophic> lol
<xzr> it's unmanaged you idiot
<Daniel0> 'very well'
<Daniel0> lol
<Shibu> ok refund me
<Shibu> thats the only solution
<Katasrophic> good luck with that
<[joker]work> open a ticket requesting a refund
<Shibu> am going to dispute in paypal
<[joker]work> no need
<xzr> :D
<Shibu> I dont want ti use this service
<[joker]work> just open a ticket requesting a refund
-*- esde laughs quietly to self
<Katasrophic> think we got a troll here guys lol
<xzr> dont worry the service doesn't want you either
<[joker]work> shots fired
<Daniel0> Shibu no need to paypal dispute or refund, Digital Ocean have provided you with the service you are paying for its you who cannot configure it correctly
-*- JettaJoey hugs is bed
<wiak> ;P
<Shibu> sorry I dont want to chat more.....u guys dont have manners and professionalism
<Shibu> using lot many abusive words
<[joker]work> i want to give you a refund
<esde> >lot many
<[joker]work> can you please just give me your email
<esde> dat engrish
<xzr> atleast we have the professionalism to be able to configure ftp
<xzr> well that is if anyone sensible would use it
<Shibu> instead of refund...can u please explain me the issue - I have created the droplets, domains, I have received the username password in email
<Shibu> but am unable to connect using that credentials
<[joker]work> give me your email
<xzr> the likely problem is you have no fucking idea what you're doing
<DarkSaint> wow
<esde> give me the root password and ip, i'll try for you Shibu. ;)
<Shibu> am using filezilla client - using given IP, user and password wth SFTP option am trying to connect
<Daniel0> lol
<[joker]work> Shibu what is your email at digital ocean
<Shibu> IP:
<esde> FTP = / = SFTP
<Shibu> user: root
<DarkSaint> wow wow
<Shibu> pass: nfhxxxx
<xzr> :D
<xzr> :DDDDD
<Katastrophic> xD
<esde> nice!
<DarkSaint> wtf ?
<Katastrophic> whelp..
<Katastrophic> lol
<justaguy> oh my
<Katastrophic> then that happened
<DarkSaint> please get a refund
<Shibu> u r also not able to conenct?
<DarkSaint> if you can be that naive you don't need to be here
<esde> Shibu: on a non-default ssh port?
<JettaJoey> oh god
<DarkSaint> wow
<justaguy> and this is  irc history
<JettaJoey> you don't give that kind of stuff out
<DarkSaint> this is a firtst
<JettaJoey> I've seen it before
<Shibu> port 22
<Daniel0> lol
<Shibu> means?
<esde> ssh -p 22
<[joker]work> Shibu good luck
<esde> ^C
<JettaJoey> 603 people have your password

#2731   + (10) -       Added: Mon, 12 May 2014 18:55:36 UTC

<@xles> Being a nerd is like, cancer.  You get it, and then people feel sad for you for a while, and then you  die.

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»»» noobfarm_interog!
« noobfarm_int» Wheres noobfarm?!
               ««« noobfarm_interog! [quit]
                       [Client Quit]
«+    Fatalnix» damn, noobfarm_interrogator was too long.
«+    Fatalnix» :D
«@        dive» guess where that's going?
«+    Fatalnix» ?

#2729   + (1) -       Added: Wed, 07 May 2014 02:41:36 UTC

< pegwole> If you're an artist and someone died during a portrait do you
          keep painting them?
<+jlindsay> Why not? Their schedule just opened up
< pegwole> Does it stay a portrait or does it become a still life?
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