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"Talking about Token Ring Networks"

+misspwn | it's like jehovas theborger                                                                                                
+theborger | misspwn: yes YES god damn Jehovas                                                                                              
+theborger | those God Damn knock on your door on a sunday at 8am. when i am trying to get my fucking dick unstuck from something
+majorsecurity | theborger: I could actually imagine that happening      
+theborger | and you open the door and there like OMFG you got a Hamster stuck on your dick                                                
+theborger | and i say, Fuck you Jehovas, knocking on my door at 8am                                                                      
+theborger | so i jerk off and shot the hamster off my dick. making it land in the Jahovas face                                          
+theborger | and that sums up a Token ring. Ok class read pages 99 to 203. have a good study night

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<O26rus> svetlana: Idk. Its may be just bed memory or bed operator. In any case I can't do anythind until tomorrow.
<svetlana> Bad memory or bad operator?
<svetlana> bed is КРОВАТЬ, where you sleep
<O26rus> i'm not sure i do it right
<abs60923> почему два русских общаются на английском
<abs60923> на русскоязычном канале
<bender> bed operator
<svetlana> abs, Не знаю, он попросил
<bender> какое цивильное название проститутки :)
<O26rus> svetlana: svetlana we talking about different PCs
<abs> кроватный оператор это сильно


<O26rus> svetlana: Idk. Its may be just bed memory or bed operator. In any case I can't do anythind until tomorrow.
<svetlana> Bad memory or bad operator?
<svetlana> bed is BED, where you sleep
<O26rus> i'm not sure i do it right
<abs60923> why are two Russians talking in English
<abs60923> on a Russian channel
<bender> bed operator
<svetlana> abs, I don't know, he asked
<bender> what a civil name for a prostitute :)
<O26rus> svetlana: svetlana we talking about different PCs
<abs> bed operator is a strong thought

#2743   + (1) -       Added: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 08:02:01 UTC

Urchlay | "I went and got my car's alignment checked. It's Chaotic Evil."

#2742   + (0) -       Added: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 18:48:38 UTC

<Tadgy> Does anyone else find it odd that in a channel populated by mostly men, the only cock being talked about is a rooster?
<Tadgy> You people are just wrong.

#2741   + (2) -       Added: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 19:07:12 UTC

<+Alan_Hicks> Canada's Navy is no joke. Have you seen the new drones they're deploying?
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: ^^
<+eviljames> Alan_Hicks: I have not!
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: Was in the papers a couple months back. Gimme a second to find a link.
<+eviljames> Alan_Hicks: thx
<+Alan_Hicks> eviljames: Here you go.

#2740   + (0) -       Added: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 15:02:59 UTC

<svetlana> eeee: hi.
<eeee> svetlana: hi
<svetlana> eeee: we talked earlier today.
<eeee> about the cron?
<svetlana> yes.
<eeee> ah yes i woke up and figured it out on the toilet
<svetlana> did it start working the way you intended?
<eeee> in the morning today :D toilet helps
<eeee> yeah
<svetlana> woo. mornings are awesome.

#2739   + (0) -       Added: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 18:50:06 UTC

< TheM4ch1n3> Demon_Fox: my troll problem, could be paranoia
< Tadgy> TheM4ch1n3: Demon_Fox isn't just paranoia, he really is a troll.

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<jolux> Hello, could somehelp please send me a password reset email?
<niko> jolux: email sent
<jolux> Thank you! It’s going in KeePass this time.
--> icesword joined
<nzerobody> jolux, what's your keepass password?
<jolux> and why would you like to know this?
<nzerobody> I'm doing a survey on password strength
<jolux> uh huh
<jolux> riiiiiight
<jolux> and i’m doing pentesting
<icesword> lol
<sveta> :)
<jolux> would you like to open this suspicious file for me?
<icesword> lmao
<jolux> i have a few zip bombs as well
<jolux> those are always fun
<icesword> wait for the ban hammer
<icesword> guys
<jolux> TL;DR I’m not that stupid. Good day.

#2737   + (0) -       Added: Sun, 08 Jun 2014 00:15:26 UTC

<jimbow> do you exercise?
<usr> Jimbow intelligent people don't have enough time to exercise
<Atroc> nope
<Hydrogenum> I only exercise when dating a female

#2736   + (1) -       Added: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 12:46:20 UTC

<jenthehappygeek> Good morning.
<jenthehappygeek> If a download says x86_64 will it work on 64-bit?

#2735   + (0) -       Added: Mon, 26 May 2014 19:13:34 UTC

adrien:  programming has the potential to break many things

#2734   + (1) -       Added: Sat, 24 May 2014 12:31:29 UTC

<j4jackj> What's your favourite thing to do when slightly sleep deprived and about to get high on caffeine?
<gry> throwing caffeine out of the window and heading to sleep :)
<j4jackj> LOL

#2733   + (2) -       Added: Fri, 23 May 2014 13:22:45 UTC

+Fatalnix | Meh. I'm still puzzled from yesterday. Someone was trying to convince me that in an MVC model all of the logic of the program should be in the model...
+WhiteWolf1776 | mvc... has models?
+WhiteWolf1776 | i thought it was just pasty white boys with glasses

#2732   + (13) -       Added: Thu, 15 May 2014 15:11:38 UTC

<Shibu> i have changed the setting in Filezilla
<Shibu> still it is not getting connected
<Shibu> can u check at your end
<Shibu> it is giving me error
<Shibu> Error:        Connection closed by server with exitcode 1 Error:        Could not connect to server
<Shibu> what is the issue?
<Shibu> ???
<Shibu> ???
<xzr> Could not connect to server
<Shibu> please advise
<Shibu> Man....ftp is not getting connected
<Shibu> can u assist me real fast
<Shibu> it is affecting my business
<xzr> it seems that your ftp can't connect to the server
<Shibu> so what is the solution
<Shibu> how can I access it
<xzr> make it connect to the server
<Shibu> how?
<xzr> by fixing it
<Shibu> how to fix it?
<xzr> by learning how to fix it
<Shibu> where I have to change it
<xzr> in the settings
<Shibu> connect to some technical person who can assist me
<JettaJoey> ?unmanaged
<SammyTheShark> An unmanaged server (such as DigitalOcean's droplets) makes you responsible for the configuration of the server and any third party software. A managed server is where you have someone to take care of that for you.
<Shibu> how can I configure in droplets
<Shibu> assist me for that
<xzr> :D
<xzr> u funny
<Shibu> man no jokes please
<Shibu> am here for a very serious issues
<Shibu> and u r not helping me out
<Katasrophic> Open a ticket
<[joker]work> ?started
<Shibu> I opened a ticket
<Shibu> talked to them multiple times
<Shibu> still am not getting solution
<[joker]work> the problem is that this isnt a support issue
<esde> Shibu: if you are having this many issues configuring your own server. And this stuff is truly production, move it to managed for fucks sake.
<Shibu> if u guys dont provide support then better refund me..I will move to diffrent provider
<gparent> they provide support for the things they sell you, not the things you configure yourself
<esde> My point is, unmanaged = they provide the box, you make the stuff in it work. Apparently that's too much for you. Go with managed and they will support almost everything in the box too.
<Shibu> Man I have gone through all the tutorials and communities
<Katasrophic> this is not a chat full of DO’s support staff, just fyi. DO is ment for those that know these things, FTP is basic.
<Shibu> am not getting solution thats why I prefered direct chat
<[joker]work> this is NOT a support channel
<xzr> if you have gone through the tutorials then you should be able to manage your droplet
<[joker]work> and Digital Ocean is an unmanaged provider
<Shibu> I know FTP very well and using for past 5 years
<esde> go with managed Shibu they will hand hold with you, but you'll pay more for that hand holding
<Shibu> all the server config is so easy unlike yours
<xzr> :D
<Katasrophic> lol
<xzr> it's unmanaged you idiot
<Daniel0> 'very well'
<Daniel0> lol
<Shibu> ok refund me
<Shibu> thats the only solution
<Katasrophic> good luck with that
<[joker]work> open a ticket requesting a refund
<Shibu> am going to dispute in paypal
<[joker]work> no need
<xzr> :D
<Shibu> I dont want ti use this service
<[joker]work> just open a ticket requesting a refund
-*- esde laughs quietly to self
<Katasrophic> think we got a troll here guys lol
<xzr> dont worry the service doesn't want you either
<[joker]work> shots fired
<Daniel0> Shibu no need to paypal dispute or refund, Digital Ocean have provided you with the service you are paying for its you who cannot configure it correctly
-*- JettaJoey hugs is bed
<wiak> ;P
<Shibu> sorry I dont want to chat more.....u guys dont have manners and professionalism
<Shibu> using lot many abusive words
<[joker]work> i want to give you a refund
<esde> >lot many
<[joker]work> can you please just give me your email
<esde> dat engrish
<xzr> atleast we have the professionalism to be able to configure ftp
<xzr> well that is if anyone sensible would use it
<Shibu> instead of refund...can u please explain me the issue - I have created the droplets, domains, I have received the username password in email
<Shibu> but am unable to connect using that credentials
<[joker]work> give me your email
<xzr> the likely problem is you have no fucking idea what you're doing
<DarkSaint> wow
<esde> give me the root password and ip, i'll try for you Shibu. ;)
<Shibu> am using filezilla client - using given IP, user and password wth SFTP option am trying to connect
<Daniel0> lol
<[joker]work> Shibu what is your email at digital ocean
<Shibu> IP:
<esde> FTP = / = SFTP
<Shibu> user: root
<DarkSaint> wow wow
<Shibu> pass: nfhxxxx
<xzr> :D
<xzr> :DDDDD
<Katastrophic> xD
<esde> nice!
<DarkSaint> wtf ?
<Katastrophic> whelp..
<Katastrophic> lol
<justaguy> oh my
<Katastrophic> then that happened
<DarkSaint> please get a refund
<Shibu> u r also not able to conenct?
<DarkSaint> if you can be that naive you don't need to be here
<esde> Shibu: on a non-default ssh port?
<JettaJoey> oh god
<DarkSaint> wow
<justaguy> and this is  irc history
<JettaJoey> you don't give that kind of stuff out
<DarkSaint> this is a firtst
<JettaJoey> I've seen it before
<Shibu> port 22
<Daniel0> lol
<Shibu> means?
<esde> ssh -p 22
<[joker]work> Shibu good luck
<esde> ^C
<JettaJoey> 603 people have your password

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<@xles> Being a nerd is like, cancer.  You get it, and then people feel sad for you for a while, and then you  die.

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»»» noobfarm_interog!
« noobfarm_int» Wheres noobfarm?!
               ««« noobfarm_interog! [quit]
                       [Client Quit]
«+    Fatalnix» damn, noobfarm_interrogator was too long.
«+    Fatalnix» :D
«@        dive» guess where that's going?
«+    Fatalnix» ?

#2729   + (2) -       Added: Wed, 07 May 2014 02:41:36 UTC

< pegwole> If you're an artist and someone died during a portrait do you
          keep painting them?
<+jlindsay> Why not? Their schedule just opened up
< pegwole> Does it stay a portrait or does it become a still life?

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(+WhiteWolf17) i'm cheap... and fun

#2727   + (5) -       Added: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 08:14:55 UTC

talk about shells:

@dive | I sell csh by the c shore
+wizrad | shell puns are korny
+wizrad | I guess you just have to be bourne with it

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< Aethiopemborste> i kinda wish megaladons were not extinct
< Aethiopemborste> just becuase
< Trypta> How the hell does something like that even become extinct?
< Trypta> Balance patch?
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